Rogue Wars – Last Squad is a colorful team-based competitive mobile game.

The game represents a futuristic show in cyberpunk world. Player will choose a Rogue (Character) to play and join match with a group of three people.

Gameplay includes various elements such as survival, gunplay and shooting, hero abilities and advanced movement mechanics. We add innovative features and combine best from different shooters to make game really fun to play.

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Our young professional team works outside the bureaucratic conditions on interesting games. And you can become a part of this, as well as influence the development of our projects.


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Alexej Perevosnikov
Alexej PerevosnikovCEO / Senior Developer
Vadim Kosarev
Vadim KosarevArt Director
Igor Levdansky
Igor LevdanskyDeveloper
Olga Tokar
Olga TokarBusiness Administrator
Elena Karpenko
Elena Karpenko3D Environment Artist
Vadim Heisik
Vadim HeisikTechnical Artist
Artem Seniakovich
Artem SeniakovichConcept Artist
Michael Turutanov
Michael TurutanovSenior Developer
Demid Strukov
Demid StrukovDeveloper

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